Business Performance Analytics

The beginning of a new year is a good time to sit down and do some analysis as to how your business has performed over the last 6 to 12 months 
Financial performance analysis is the process ofdetermining the operating and financial characteristics ofa firm from accounting and financial statements. The goalof such analysis is to determine the efficiency andperformance of firm’s management, as reflected in the financial records and reports. Our Expert staff will attempt tomeasure the firm’s liquidity, profitability and otherindicators that the business is conducted in a rational andnormal way.Through a careful analysis of itsfinancial performance, the organization can identifyopportunities to improve performance of the department,unit or organizational level. Our professional service in these areas include

  • Measuring & Interpreting profitability through ratios such as GP Margin, NP Margin, Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Assets, Sales per Employee. 
  • Measuring & Interpreting Liquidity through ratios such as Current Ratio, Acid Test, Cash Ratio. 
  • Measuring & Interpreting Efficiency through ratios such as Annual inventory turnover, Inventory holding, Receivables turnover, Payables turnover. 
  • Measuring & Interpreting Leverage through ratios such as Debt, Debt to equity, Interest coverage.