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Michael thoams

Michael thoams


Accountants in Australia:

Accountants bring a unique and focussed presence to necessary and often seemingly ambiguous parts of all business (particularly in matters of taxation). They are in their professional focus, uniquely placed to support and advise those, who head their own business; be they professionals, trades people, freelancers, merchants or investors.

Accountants are there with you to

  • Balance Costs and Profits
  • Understand and Minimise Taxation and Other Liabilities, and
  • Avoid Penalties and Mistakes.

More so they can bring focus back to your unique business, advising and acting as a catalyst, on ways of increasing profits and expansion into the future. Thus, helping to save you money, time, loss of business and energy to do what you do best, growing your business.


Accountants and Accountancy, in its distinctive role as advocate for business practice, is uniquely placed to support and advise people, leading their businesses, to balance costs, profits, losses, tax liabilities and to constructively minimise tax assessments. They are trained to recognise VALUE in any given business enterprise or product and advise ways of increasing profit into the future.

With increasing Government oversight both in Australia and Internationally, and an everchanging landscape of taxation rules as the multi-national companies are pursued to pay a fairer share of tax, so it is that smaller and medium sized businesses face more invidious and impenetrable tax rules.

Forced to spend more time reading and understanding new rules rather than enriching, promoting and producing for their own business. Thus, doesn’t it make perfect sense to employ an Accountant whose only job it is to keep track of all the rules and the over-all changes in both taxation laws as well as that of the local and international economy?

Accountants are trained to follow evolving and transforming workplace rules that may affect your business and your staff especially as they associate with the ATO.

The very process of Accounting allows your accountant to micro-manage much of your work processes in a dollar and cents manner and allows them to advise you on many matters that may enable you to increase sales, production, profits and enable you to make better long range plans.

Accounting then could be described as a therapy for your business, a way of taking or relieving many of the increasingly complex and tedious issues that take from the important time of nurturing, growing and increasing your business.

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